Phillipah Rumano’s debut solo exhibition, “WOMEN OF STONE,” is a profound testament to
the power of self-expression and the resilience of the human spirit. Through a diverse array
of mediums including sculpture, printmaking, and painting, Rumano invites us into her
world—a world where identity, femininity, and tradition converge in a stunning display of
creativity and courage.

Rumano’s journey as the first female stone sculptor in her family is at the heart of this
exhibition. In a field traditionally dominated by men, she fearlessly carves out her own
space, challenging societal norms and reclaiming her place as a woman in the world of art.
Her sculptures bear the marks of her struggle and triumph, each piece a testament to her
unwavering determination and unyielding passion.

The use of spring stones, sourced from her native Zimbabwe, adds another layer of meaning
to Rumano’s work. These stones, with their vibrant colours and natural imperfections, serve
as a metaphor for the artist herself—grounded, resilient, and unapologetically beautiful.
Through her sculptures, Rumano celebrates her African heritage, embracing and flaunting
her natural beauty in a world that often seeks to diminish it.

But “WOMEN OF STONE” is not just a celebration of identity—it is also a playful exploration
of femininity and form. Drawing from her background in fashion design, Rumano infuses her
sculptures with a sense of whimsy and joy, dressing them up in vibrant prints and playful
poses. The juxtaposition of bold, strong faces on petite, feminine bodies challenges
conventional notions of beauty and power, inviting viewers to question the standards
imposed upon us by society.

At its core, “WOMEN OF STONE” is a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, self-
exploration, and self-embrace. Through her art, Phillipah Rumano invites us to join her on
this journey, encouraging us to embrace our own identities, celebrate our own uniqueness,
and stand tall in the face of adversity. As we walk through this exhibition, may we be
inspired by Rumano’s courage, moved by her creativity, and reminded of the beauty that
lies within us all.