Realities and Representations

Impossible Architecture 9

Image Detail: "Impossible Architecture 9" - Olaf Bisschoff

“Realities and Representations” presents an interplay between form, composition, colour and material within Alex Coetzee and Olad Bisschoff’s bodies of work. But more than this, it offers a view between each body of
work in the gallery as two- and three-dimensional reflections on abstraction and its propensity to
foreground and recontextualise materiality, object choices, colour and the relationship to representation itself. What both artists have in common is a commitment to playfulness and experimentation in their use of
abstraction as an approach – whether in the use of colour, composition, self-referentiality or form itself.
The interplay between the sculptural work and the paintings is thus important in the staging of the show
– not necessarily in terms of a weighty reflection on abstraction as an artistic mode or in negative
opposition to figuration, but in the mode of possibility, permutation and as a set of formal or geometrically meditative objects.