Threads of Identity

Image Detail: "Experiment I" - Bulumko Mbete

Threads of Identity is a group exhibition that brings together the works of four South
African artists who share a common thread in their exploration of identity and their
connection to South Africa. The exhibition provides a platform to showcase the diverse
range of art forms and perspectives that define South African contemporary art.

Frans Thoka’s work challenges social inequality and reinforces the importance of human
dignity and kindness. Ntate Phakela uses his artwork to tell African stories and challenge
the norms of traditional storytelling, while Bulumko Mbete explores generational traditions
and the role of archives in creative storytelling. Finally, Sana King’s abstract compositions
use colour and symbolism to convey the connection between spirituality and the physical
realm, and to explore the symbolism of African artefacts like the Ukhamba.

Through various mediums, from sculpture to painting, drawing, and printmaking, these
artists provide a glimpse into their own journeys and their perceptions of what it means to
be South African. The exhibition hopes to inspire visitors to reflect on their own
connections to their identity and to appreciate the diverse range of perspectives that make

up the South African experience.